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Memories in Pictures – Cambodia 2011

We were trying to think of a way to say good-bye to 2011 and welcome in 2012, and the best we could think of was to share with you pictures of life that haven’t fit with any of our other posts.  We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our lives these past four months!

Some of you have been wanting to see some of the younger ones in the orphanage.  Since we teach in the high school, we see more of the older kids, but here are a few pictures of some little ones.

One of our little orphan girls – Chein Ma.

Another one – I don't know her name.

Two of our little boys, currently known to us as "Chiva's little brother" and "Rathana's little brother."

Ny made friends with me our first Friday evening at Wat Preah Yesu. He's been my little buddy ever since.

Everyday life…

We usually go to market at least once a week, but we only have to wade during rainy season. 🙂

Vegetables, anyone?

A lady from Siem Reap and her little boy (photo by Joshua Hooker).

Kathleen's kitten found a nice lookout.

This one is for Cami! I'm holding a full grown jungle hen. After the picture she fell asleep in my hands.

Olga washing laundry Cambodian style.

For the nature lovers…

God's handiwork.

They say this plant is edible, but I've also heard one shouldn't eat it more than once a week.

Our last big event of the year was Ly and Rachou’s wedding.

The groom presenting the fruit to the bride's family.

Praying before washing the parents' feet. (The characters on the fabric behind them say "2011.")

Ly washing Rachou's feet.

Rachou washing Ly's.

Yes, we do actually teach!  Here are some pictures from school.

On the way to school...with no school busses, most students come on foot, by bicycle, or on motorbike.

Srei Nak and Ravy lead out in a review for 8th grade science. Nara and Sokol assist from the floor while Buntha and Sombich observe from behind.

My energetic and beloved 8th graders...

These two little fellows thought they were quite clever to hide so well! You should have heard the giggles emerging from behind the post.

This one is for my OHC classmates. 🙂

Don't you think Niet should design a new 4MAT logo?

Nea & Chhorvy working on a 12th grade class project.

Sameth, Lucky, Chantha, & Tob also working on their class project.

"See you tomorrow!" Ny and Naomi chanting their new English phrase to me through the staff room window.

Fun with students and others…

Liz's birthday gave the students a reason to celebrate. Laura and Pisei are making "Happy Birthday" signs for her.

Happy birthday, Liz!

Tob enjoying some of Liz's birthday apple crisp.

Jason wanted to roast potatoes in a bonfire his last evening before flying back to America, and he wasn't about to let wet wood stop him!

Lucky (want some ketchup?), Chhorvy (or a chili?), and Him (looking sleepy) helping out in the cafeteria.

Him climbed the tree to pick a coconut for me. He made it look so effortless, but I know better!

Chantha carrying a tray of fruit for the pizza party.

Tim, ready to cut the pizza.

Ready to enjoy pizza with some of our silly 12th graders. Left to right: Lucky (in front), Olga, Nea, Tob (white hat), Sophear, Thoeun, Chantha (plate hat), Liz, Chou, Sarah, Chhorvy, & Savorny.

Chou making cookies.

Chiva, Mondul, & two of the girls filming for a Bible lesson. In the studio they are making DVD Bible studies which will be mass produced and given to the public. Sometimes students act out stories as part of the DVD presentation to help the intended Buddhist audience better understand. (The shoes make me smile!)

We did enjoy our own little Christmas here. Laura and I were both thrilled to receive books for our students to read, specially treated by her dad to prevent them from molding. After pulling them out of the box, we figured Laura's hands wouldn't be molding anytime soon, either!

Liz & Laura enjoying fresh coconut at the Town Church's Christmas lunch. The hand and fork belong to Seyha, the most gregarious Cambodian I have ever met. He just couldn't be left out of the picture!

Even the little ones enjoyed young coconut! After finishing the juice, we split the coconut in half and eat the soft meat. Yummy!

Happy new year, everyone!  I pray that the Lord will lead and bless each one of you in 2012.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll see you here in Cambodia!


  1. Hey, Sarah! 🙂 Could you tell me why they wash the parents’ feet at the wedding, please? I’m just wondering… (That kitty on the motorcycle is really cute, BTW!)

    • Hi, Samantha! In traditional Khmer culture the couple getting married worship the parents, and the bride worships the husband as part of the wedding ceremony. This is to show respect to those being worshiped and the humility and servitude of those who are worshiping. When people become Christians, the rest of their family usually does not join them. Since they can no longer worship humans at the wedding, the best demonstration of respect and humility is the example Jesus gave us in washing feet. In western culture, we’re used to washing the feet of fellow church members, but Jesus also washed Judas’s feet. You’ll notice a man holding a microphone in the pictures of Rachou and Ly washing each others’ feet. He was explaining the meaning of foot washing for those who had never heard before. Something else is that both the bride and groom wash each others’ feet, not just the bride washing the groom’s feet. Hope this answers your question! (I’ve been praying for your plans for the future!) Hugs!

  2. Yes, that answers my question…Thank you! 🙂

  3. thank you for the pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them this morning and getting an even better “feel” for where you are and your surroundings. Love to you both <3

  4. Love the photos! And the chick!! 🙂

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