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I sit in an airport once again, this time awaiting a long-anticipated flight.  Nine months and four days ago Mama brought me home with a wheelchair escort.  Now I stand, walk, run with energy and alertness, and my stomach digests food as it was created to.  Words cannot express my thankfulness for the work my heavenly Father has done in me, both physically and spiritually, during this recovery time, nor my gratefulness for all the loving prayers and patient support (especially as I waded through the murky slough of reverse culture shock) shared in my behalf.

But my heart is torn as I sit here.  Part of me aches with the sacrifice of missions – a sacrifice I didn’t even begin to comprehend the first time I went.  I still don’t, but I understand more than before – the risks and commitment involved.  Every time I must say goodbye, leaving gets harder.  Oh, how I wish I could bring those I love to Cambodia with me!  Why must half the people I love live on one side of the globe and the other half live on the other side?  Maybe, just maybe, this is one of those dim glimpses into how Jesus felt as He said goodbye to His Father and the angels before crossing the gap from heaven to earth to become part of the human race – His chosen family.  What wondrous love!

But while leaving gets harder, going gets easier.  Another part of me thrills with excitement to be returning to my chosen family.  So I return to Cambodia, but not to where I thought I would be going.  My Father is leading me on a new adventure with Him – an adventure in Khmer languacultural studies.  This year I will not teach at Wat Preah Yesu (although I will miss everyone there very much); rather, after much prayer and study and talking with Tim, I will live out in a village with a national family who speak no English so I can focus on learning the Khmer language and culture.  Please join me in praying that I will remember the lessons of these past nine months and also that the Lord will continue guiding as we finalize plans with my Khmer family for this next year.

Looking toward new horizons...

Looking toward new horizons…


  1. Blessings on your new journey.

  2. God Bless you and Keep you.
    You are safe for eternity in His hands

  3. Praying for you as you start this new adventure with Jesus!

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