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Jungle Updates

Since my move to the jungle, my communication has been very limited.  Other than a trip to Mae Sariang to give Papa a birthday call using Skype (I only sent two urgent emails), this is the first time I’ve personally accessed the internet since March.  Yes, missionaries do still go places beyond the reach of internet and phone service, and even electricity.

Where do I start?  A lot has happened these past three months!  I’ll tell you what I can remember – but a missionary once said that either the reports were good, or the work was good, so if my reports aren’t good, just remember the work is!  (I’m back in Cambodia for a few days with enough free time on my hands to make some retrospect reports.)

Although we started hot season with great intentions of good records, that turned into another one of those wonderful ideas that never actually happened.  I think a minimum of 60 students (I’m probably way underestimating) passed through our hot season English intensive classes.  Fortunately they weren’t all here simultaneously!  Some decided to become long-term students.  A few who initially planned to stay all year decided we didn’t offer what they were looking for and returned home (most were scared off by our work program).  We watched one potential problem after another choose to leave all on his or her own – God does wonders through prayer, and we were praying only the right students would stay.  We wrote, tested, refined, and rewrote our schedule until we finally found something reasonable and balanced.  We learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work as far as teaching methods and ideas – and in the interlude between the end of hot season classes and the beginning of all-year classes, we were able to put together a month’s worth of lesson plans based off our hot season teaching experiences.

This hardwood took every single one of us to move it out of the way!

Busy during afternoon work time – this hardwood took every single one of us to move it out of the way!

Momo drilling Aye, Aye Poe, Noung, Oi, and another short-term student on phonics.

Momo drilling Aye, Aye Poe, Noung, Oi, and another short-term student on phonics.

When I first answered God’s call to help here in Thailand, I said I would stay for the hot season intensive classes.  Then I would evaluate the situation and decide whether to return to Cambodia or remain in Thailand.  The knowledge of God’s leading slowly became evident during my time here, even though I can’t say exactly when I realized the school would be unable to continue if I left.  So rather than leaving this project stranded while I start a new one, I have decided to stay in Thailand until God leads me elsewhere.  (I must admit that I giggle from time to time since I think I’m the only one who actually thought I’d stay only a short time – everyone else just assumed I was coming permanently.)

So as not to weary you, I will break this update into several shorter ones.  I even discovered how to control the date and time for when my new posts are published for public viewing, so I will space these out for your convenience.  Just remember when you find a new post on the blog, it doesn’t mean I’ve emerged from the jungle to put it there!


  1. SO good to hear from you, Sarah! I just finished praying for all “my” young missionaries, including you. The recent news for me is that my latest (11th) book was published in April. Although I haven’t done much in the way of marketing yet, the book’s protagonist (Spider) is selling them really well–praise the Lord! That means more people are reading his miraculous story/testimony. IF you haven’t read the book yet, tell your mom to tell me and we’ll see about getting one to you . . . somehow. Love you oodles, Paula

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