Posted by: សារ៉ា(Sarah) | June 16, 2014

Ming Chem

At times like this, my heart aches, but I know nothing I can say will relieve the pain in their hearts.  Oh, won’t you help finish God’s work so God can end sickness, suffering, heartache, and death?

Khen and Khone’s mother, Ming Chem, died early in May.  You can read a little more of the story on Andrew’s blog: A Life Worth Remembering.  Please pray for the family during this difficult time.  Seventeen-year-old Sa and nine-year-old Srei Pov, Khen and Khone’s two younger sisters, now live in the WPY orphanage.  Khone has returned from L.I.G.H.T. training in the Philippines and is struggling to know what to do next.  Khen has six weeks left before finishing her high school education.  Pray especially that God will make His love unmistakably known to each one of them personally.


  1. Oh, such a hard thing!

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