Posted by: Laura | March 10, 2015

It is Making a Difference

I remember what you said in history class, teacher, about not believing something if you don’t have a reason for it. I thought about why I was afraid to walk in the dark because of ghosts. I realized that I was only afraid because all my friends talked about it, but I didn’t really have a good reason. So now I try not to think about it when I walk in the dark. I feel a little bit scared, but I know that there is no reason to be afraid.

And teacher, there is this game on the computer that I know I should not play. I know it is not good, and now I don’t even want to play it anymore. But I still play it. It is like I can’t stop. I used to try to play my guitar or go for a walk when I got bored and wanted to play the game because I remember what you said in Bible class about finding something good to replace what you used to do. But now my guitar broke and my house father doesn’t me to walk to far away before dinner. What can I do?

Teacher, in Bible class you talked about people who know God and people who only know about God. How do you really get to know God? What if you don’t feel like doing the right thing? What if it is really hard to do the right thing teacher? What if someone held a gun to your head and told you to give up God, what would you do teacher? How can we do the right thing?

These were a few questions that some of my students and I were discussing this last week. Sometimes as teachers and missionaries, you look out at a classroom of faces day after day and wonder how much of what you tell them is really sinking in. So many times, I see the words going in one ear and right out the other or studied with indifferent diligence lacking any personal interest in the subject. I pray every day that the Holy Spirit will give me wisdom in speech and touch my students’ hearts with a desire for God. But so much of the time, we are not given much outward sign that what we have discussed has actually made a lasting impact in how they think or act. But as I was talking to several of my students this week, I was encouraged to hear them speak about things I had talked about in class and how it was impacting how they thought and acted. This was really encouraging to me. Results aren’t always apparent, but it is rewarding when you see it happen. It makes you realize again whey you are out here doing what you are doing.

As we share about the amazing, life-changing power of God with those around us, we are often discouraged by the apparent disinterest and careless indifference many exhibit. But it is all worth it, if just one person takes it to heart. We can’t always tell from outward appearances when that happens though as I was taught this week. I ask that you would please continue to pray for my students and their struggles. Satan is working hard, but God is stronger still. Thanks again for all you love and support.


  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you, Laura. I’ve experienced frustrations of not seeing any results in my work, at home and abroad, and I know that it can be discouraging. How special that, every once in a while, God gives us a little glimpse into how He has used us to impact others!

  2. Laura! I want to know what grade that is. I love reading from you and I’d love to come back soon. Right now God has placed the desire of studying in my heart. It might be in the Philippines.I Love you and miss all of you. God bless

    • Hi Thomas! Mostly these students were from the current grade 9, which would have been the grade 8’s when you were here. We miss you here at WPY alot. It not the same without our favorite German here. I can now fully commiserate with you on a certain math class you taught. Just the other day, as I was teaching them Pythagoras theory of right triangles, a student asked me what a square was. I felt pretty discouraged at that thought. But it is a great lesson for how God feels with us sometimes. Sometimes we are pretty slow and forgetful when God is trying to teach us something and I know that God exercises a lot of patience with us. So It is good I get to practice it too. I hear very good things from your time in the Philippines. I pray that God will continue to guide and lead you as you work for him. The WPY family will always miss you!

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